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Name£ºPatterned Mirror
Detailed introduction £º
Patterned mirror is produced with same method as the Horizontal aluminum mirror. The aluminum coating is applied to one of the various pattern glass substrates available in the market.
Pattern: Millennium, Flora, Nashiji, Karatachi, Diamond, Mistlite, Baroque, May Flower, Bamboo...
    1.Jingao patterned mirror sheet is usually coated by two layers paints.
    2.The mirror can be cut into any size
    3.Easy to be customized by sandblasting, frosted, curved, silk-screened, laminated mirror and completely
       suitable for processing and edge working, such as: Beveled, C-edge, Straight, Drill, Grooved etc...
Patterned Mirror is widely used in decorative applications:
       In communal areas in office or apartment blocks: entrance halls, lifts or landings
       In shopping centers and retail stores
       In bars, restaurants, clubs, theatre sand cinemas
       For paneling on walls ,doors or pillars
       In furniture (tables, cupboard doors, shelves etc...
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